Alrik Wiedemeijer



Why Quality Tracking?

For me it is inspiring to work at Quality Tracking, because it offers me a chance to get a look into various companies all over the world, while we support them on improving quality by sharing our knowledge in structured processes. Working at different organisations offers me all types of new experiences in different fields, meeting people in all layers of a company and help them to grow into a quality minded team while learning from them in return. This way no day is the same!

Experience in Quality Management

Having a background in mechanical engineering I have always been working on and with Quality Management, even sometimes without realizing it directly as quality is everywhere. As a Quality Consultant I benefit from those experiences and knowledge, since we often work with departments such as engineering, development and production.

Since I have been working for Quality Tracking, I have been involved in projects at Mitsubishi Turbo Engines Europe, Thyssenkrupp Chairlifts, VDL metaal and Koneksie. All projects are very diverse and range from Sample Investigation, 8D reporting support, Firewall Implementation, communication between supplier and customer to Quality Control Management.


My expertise is mainly in the following areas:

  • 8D-PPS
  • FMEA
  • Quality Awareness