For over 60 years, Thyssenkrupp Home Solutions have been developing customisable solutions for independent living in home across the UK and around the world. Thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is part of Thyssenkrupp AG group and offers tailor-made solutions.

Quality Tracking at Thyssenkrup Home Solutions

Internal Quality Strategy Support

Goal: To provide support in coaching, facilitating and helping to realize the Quality strategy.

Quality Management System


  1. Facilitate workshop for process description between QM and PSM and define roles and responsibility
  2. Support Purchase to define the Supplier Quality Manual
  3. Facilitate workshop for Engineering and Project management
  4. Facilitate the Thyssenkruppvprocess description and interface with all process owners

APQP, PPAP and SPC Training

Goal: To increase the competence level of the Quality core tools.



  1. APQP & Project management
  2. APQP Phases & Team Organization
  3. APQP Phases Input & Output
  4. What is the purpose of PPAP?
  5. PPAP requirements and benefits
  6. PPAP process requirements and submission levels
  7. Purpose of process capability study
  8. The difference between CPK and PPK
  9. Process control charts
  10. Performing an actual Capability study

Incoming inspection improvement

Goal: To support in strategically improving the incoming inspection methodology and process in order to guard and assure Quality all incoming products.



  1. SCAN focussing of the current situation at the ThyssenKrupp plant
  2. Interviewing the involved members, reviewing the existing systems and tools
  3. Identifying the GAP in comparison to the ideal situation for ThyssenKrupp
  4. System implementations defined in the scan operation

Set up Quality Firewall

Goal: To set up and analyse the findings of a Quality Firewall.



  1. Set up Quality Firewall
  2. Coaching firewall employees
  3. Gathering and analysing data
  4. Weekly reporting to Thyssenkrup

NCR, QIP and CP Management Support

Goal: To support with main quality management issues.



  1. Restructure/Create NCR follow up system
  2. Incorporate priority and escalation rules (Alert, Minor, Major, Critical)
  3. Link SCAR and NCR with focus on Field return, Internal Firewall and supplier NC
  4. Supplier PPM management reporting and action plan (link to the SQM
  5. Follow up on improvement action on SCAR
  6. Support ISO 9001 implementation with organizational context definition
  7. Evaluate internal audits performed, audit findings management, perform relevant internal audit on request
  8. Support to make audit assignment for internal auditors
  9. Manage internal audit planning and further support current status QMS development
  10. Develop system audit NCs management and monitoring

Supplier Audit Support

Goal: To support with supplier audits based on VDA method.



  1. Upfront study the concerned supplier’s historic records, process type and self-assessment review
  2. Visit the supplier together with Thyssenkrup procurement to perform the actual audit
  3. Identify and document observations and improvement and risk areas
  4. Report findings and suggest improvement actions back to Thyssenkrup