Kibo is a mobility company based in Nairobi that originated from the acknowledgement of the importance of having access to safe and reliable mobility for everyone. By designing and developing a motorcycle specifically for use in Africa, Kibo became the maker of the first purpose built motorbike called the K150.

Quality Tracking at KIBO

Corporate Quality Management support

Goal: To assign a Quality Management expert to support the organization to develop and implement quality management.



  1. The Map of Processes (MoP)
  2. The Supplier Quality Management
  3. Training on Quality Tools

Interim Supplier Quality Expert

Goal: To assign a Supplier Quality Expert to perform supplier development activities.



  1. Undertake supplier quality role to support the procurement organization on global supplier management
  2. Perform supplier selection and evaluation audits and recommend improvement
  3. Coach and educate suppliers on the Kibo Global supplier quality requirement
  4. Perform supplier Quality Improvement activities and reinforce out-going controls for the highest risks suppliers
  5. Perform supplier process sign off (readiness) and manage supplier PPAP/FAI
  6. Monitor and review supplier corrective and preventive actions following Supplier NC
  7. Coordinate Vendor rating system and communicate follow up actions to suppliers

Quality Expert

Goal: To assign a Quality Expert on interim base.



  1. Physical quality control activities within Kibo and supplier location where necessary
  2. Support with the planning activities
  3. Support the product development activities with making 3D/2D where necessary
  4. Be the point of contact between Kibo and suppliers for NC management.