Hycom is the leading specialist in complete hydraulic systems, including their control systems for the industry, offshore, dredging, civil works & aviation. Hycom originates from the Werklust company. Werklust was specialized in the production of earthmoving machines. A department of this company started to work in hydraulics. The technical possibilities of hydraulics developed quickly, as too did demand, mostly from the mechanical engineering and dredging industries. As a result a separate division specialized in hydraulic systems was established in the 1970s: Hycom. The company grew and began to serve an expanding range of markets such as the aviation, industry and civil engineering. Hycom remained part of Werklust until a management buy-out in 1986, which allowed Hycom to spread its wings further and expand its services.


The experts of Hycom now have a complete package of services and operate worldwide. They are well-known for their expertise, speed and flexibility. Hycom has an appropriate answer to every problem in the field of hydraulics. They are ISO 9001 certified and also hold the EN9100 revision B-quality certificate for the aviation industry.

Quality Tracking at Hycom

Awareness training for process owners based on AS 9100

Hycom training


  1. Development of concept and outline of a quality awareness training using Hycom examples
  2. Development of a workshop specific for aerospace industry
  3. Two-day course for process owners
  4. Coaching and guiding QA personnel to perform similar training within Hycom

Implementation of API Q1 and preparation for re-certification for AS 9100



  1. Developed AS9100C documentation (QMS policy, procedures, instruction, records)
  2. Set up process map, company goals, KPI’s for each process and programs
  3. Established Risk management process
  4. Implemented AS 9100C documentation at all levels of the organization
  5. Provided quality awareness training for all employees
  6. Set up the internal audit process based on AS9100C requirements

General Quality Management support



  1. Coaching of quality responsible employee of Hycom
  2. Supporting Internal audit process
  3. Support/guiding the upgrade of QMS to AS9100 rev 2016 and ISO9001:2015 requirements

“The support of Quality Tracking is very valuable to us. In addition to support with the renewal and modernization of the quality management system, Quality Tracking also contributes to general quality-related activities in order to make us more aware of the quality within the organization and thus to raise the quality to a higher level. “


Jordy Kamphorst – Process Improvement Manager