Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV is a supplier and producer of construction machinery for Europe.

Quality Tracking at Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe

Advanced Supplier Quality audit process

Goal: To support HCME to define an audit system to ensure supplier process readiness before start of production.



  1. Visit HCME to review the existing Supplier selection and procurement process types
  2. Develop a standard supplier process audit check list
  3. Define the process flow and the procedure for the advanced quality activities
  4. Provide training on audit process and skills in general
  5. Performing one supplier audit together with Supplier Development and Supplier Quality Assurance personnel

Problem Solving Support


Goal: To support HCME on problem solving issues.





  1. Provide workshop on introduction to problem solving
  2. Provide workshop on detail problem solving
  3. Review the existing problem solving documentation process
  4. Review existing problem solving tools recommend which tool to apply and when
  5. Embedding new skills by coaching and facilitating internal problem solving

“Quality Tracking enabled us to gain control over our supply chain by developing tools and staff competences within QA and Procurement.”


Barry Smits – Manager Quality Assurance