Dutch Thermoplastic Components

DTC is a highly specialized manufacturer of structural parts for aero structures. Since the creation of the company in 1998, DTC has been making all it’s parts exclusively from thermoplastic composites. The first flying parts for aircraft that DTC manufactured where the landing flap ribs of the Dornier 328 jet.


Today they manufacture more than 2.000 unique part numbers for 12 different types of large passenger aircraft and business jets.

Quality Tracking at DTC

Awareness training for process owners based on AS 9100

Goal: Support middle management with quality tools in problem solving in order to engage them in quality improvement activities.



  1. Develop and performed training on basic problem solving tools such as: Pareto Analysis, Cause/Effect diagrams (Ishikawa), Check Sheets; Process Flow Chart, PDCA, 5Why, 8D, Fast Response
  2. Coaching on the job with focus on: visual management, reinforcing accountability and ownership, workplace organization, operator scrap analysing, clear inspection criteria and visible KPI dashboard on the shop floor
  3. Implemented visual management process on the production floor
  4. Successfully implemented Fast Response Process

Implementation of AS 9100

Goal: Develop and implement quality management system based on AS9100C.



  1. Developed AS9100C documentation (QMS policy, procedures, instruction, records)
  2. Set up process map, company goals, KPI’s for each process and programs
  3. Established Risk management process
  4. Implemented AS 9100C documentation at all levels of the organization
  5. Provided quality awareness training for all employees
  6. Set up the internal audit process based on AS9100C requirements
  7. Fully implemented AD9100C system in the company
  8. Successful certification audit by 3rd party

General Quality Coaching & Support

Goal: General coaching of new quality staff and support to implement the QA department.



  1. Coaching and implementation of the FMEA process
  2. Facilitate the quality department implementation
  3. Planning and coaching of the new staff

“Professional, experienced & decisive.”


Sjoerd BosmaOperational Director