Bugaboo International B.V. is a Dutch design company that makes mobility products such as pushchairs for infants and toddlers and luggage systems.

Quality Tracking at Bugaboo

Quality Awareness Training

Goal: To train Bugaboo’s personnel through interactive exercises, workshops, and debates.

Quality Management System


  1. Understand the impact of Quality and apply the principles to their daily work
  2. Familiarize with the established design process with regards to WHY, WHAT, HOW, and WHO
  3. Understand the design freedom vs. risk management
  4. Create eagerness to contribute to the continuous improvement of the design process
  5. Understand the process approach and the importance of communication within the team.


The detailed schedule of the training including all topics was be made after quick scan performed at Bugaboo.

Field data management support

Goal: To support and coach Bugaboo with expertise.



  1. Review current data structure to enhance amount and specifics of the data fields
  2. Create more accurate and relevant registration system for initial data collection
  3. Introduce “WAIS”: Warranty Analysis Information System
  4. Propose a customer-focused organization which is focused on Field Engineering skill set to interfaces with other department processes
  5. Introduce the FQE ( Field Quality Engineers) role
  6. Introduce Master FMEA process to analyse Lesson Learned, keeping knowledge in house to improve current processes and future design (DRBFM)
  7. Prepare a Bugaboo Quality Network (BQNet) within the “Bugaboo connect”
  8. Review of existing product/process traceability system – suggest possibility to link compete field data to manufacturing processes