BOSAL develops and produces fully integrated exhaust systems for passenger vehicles and trucks that meet present and future demands for near zero emissions, perfect sound quality, increased durability and longer lifetime. BOSAL ECS supplies OEM passenger and commercial vehicle market with complete exhaust systems, heat exchangers, catalytic converters and after treatment.

Quality Tracking at Bosal

Supplier Process audit based on VDA 6.3

Goal: Perform full process audit and adjust gasp according to VDA 6.3 requirements in order to improve supplier process.



  1. Performed potential analysis audit based on VDA requirements
  2. Prepared action plan based on potential analysis results
  3. Followed up on action plan to close all gaps
  4. Performed full process audit based on VDA 6.3 requirements
  5. Prepared action plan based on process audit results
  6. Supplier successfully nominated for new project
  7. Implemented Project Plan integrated with Quality Plan
  8. Improved process flow

PPAP, PSW and safe launch preparation

Goal: Prepare production processes until PPAP submission, PSW approval and assure safe launch.



  1. Performed internal process approval including Run@Rate
  2. Performed Measurement System Analysis (MSA) of variables and attributes
  3. Performed capability studies (Cp, Cpk) on key characteristics
  4. Coordinated measurements of ISIR and selection of master sample
  5. Reviewed and completed all the elements of PPAP for submission
  6. Implemented firewall activities to assure safe launch

Potential supplier audit and preparation for PSO

Goal: Select, develop and sign off new vendor process to meet quality and capacity requirements.



  1. Audited the supplier Quality Management System
  2. Kicked off APQP activities and follow up with supplier
  3. Managed relevant activities to kick off sample tooling
  4. Managed relevant activities to kick off series tooling
  5. Performed final process approval for mass production
  6. New qualified supplier added to the vendor list
  7. Lessons Learned from past projects integrated
  8. Successfully launched series process

Supplier Quality Development

Goal: Develop and improve worse performing suppliers – reduce incident and PPM.



  1. Developed and implemented in house containment actions and supplier charge back
  2. Trained and implemented problem solving methodologies (8D, RCA, 5why , PPS) at suppliers
  3. Implemented CCL and third party quality Firewalls at suppliers locations
  4. Defined Quality Improvement Programs (QIP) based on VDA6.3
  5. Increased supplier defects detection by 200%
  6. Supplier PPM reduced from 500 to 50 within 6 months
  7. Improved complaint reactivity and robust countermeasures
  8. Supplier First Article Inspection process improved
  9. Zero defect philosophy implemented

Global Supplier Quality Management

Goal: Develop and implement supplier quality requirement for Tier 2.


  1. Developed global supplier quality manual with existing best practices in automotive
  2. Alignment with upper management and trained relevant personnel
  3. Performed Gap analysis at existing suppliers on global level
  4. Developed action plans to close all gaps
  5. Standardized quality requirement on corporate level and used in early stage of the sourcing activities
  6. All Tier 2 suppliers were aligned to unique quality requirement
  7. Launched the Supplier Quality Requirement in India, Korea, Thailand, China and USA

Supplier Process Optimization

Goal: Optimize suppliers process to reduce cycle times and generate cost down.


  1. Redefined process flow and floor plan layouts
  2. Removed additional handling and reduced process steps
  3. Improved control plan with SPC control chart
  4. Implemented supplier Quality tool box
  5. Piece price cost down achieved
  6. Reduced handling in the process
  7. Minimized product quality risks
  8. Supplier internal scrap reduced by 20%

Advanced Quality Training

Goal: Provide an advances quality training on APQP, PPAP, FMEA and MSA


  1. Developed dedicated training based on AIAG manual
  2. Provided 4 days course to intercompany (Belgium, Netherlands, US, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic)
  3. Coached and guided QA personnel to perform MSA, follow PPAP and APQP process
  4. Training extended to entire company
  5. Training provided every 3 months at head office

Implementation of the PFMEA process

Goal: Develop and implement PFMEA process including coaching involved employees.


  1. Assembled the core team
  2. Defined the process flow
  3. Assessed customer requirements
  4. Defined ranking definitions
  5. Set up master FMEA, process step by process  step, including general risk assessments, using experts for every process step
  6. Set up specific FMEA’s using the master FMEA as a base document
  7. Defined FMEA maintenance criteria and link to the problem solving
  8. Documented the FMEA procedure
  9. Facilitation of the FMEA process on regular base
  10. Fully implemented FMEA process as an effective tool used on daily basis

Practical Problem Solving (PPS) implementation

Goal: Establish problem solving methodologies to reduce NC’s and raise awareness.


  1. Implemented PPS techniques and trained relevant personnel
  2. Performed root RCA and 5 why analysis of defected parts after injection molding
  3. Improved NC management process
  4. Reduction in customer PPM
  5. Increased defect detection by operators