Aurangabad Electricals Limited is a global ‘Full Service Supplier’ of aluminium cast and machined components for 2&3 wheelers, passenger cars, HCV, LCV industry and an upcoming exporter of auto components from India.

Quality Tracking at Aurangabad Electricals Limited

Resident Engineer

Goal:  To represent AEL on site to bring structural improvement guarding the supply and quality of AEL product.



  1. Represent AEL to support with technical questions from AEL client
  2. Review ongoing projects status
  3. In case of quality concerns with current samples, assist with analysing and reporting status to AEL
  4. Initiate, manage and report back weekly on sorting and rework activities if required to protect client line and negotiate all costs involved in sorting and rework activities
  5. Lead and report back containment activities when necessary
  6. Correctly manage and follow up on the Purchase orders and amendments or on any request technical or commercial request from AEL
  7. Manage the RFQ agreements for new requirements by client
  8. Correctly communicate the technical current and future requirements of client to AEL