Your career at Quality Tracking

The foundation of our group is based on the expertise of our consultants. Therefore we place recruitment, career development and training in the heart of our strategy. We are continuously looking for talented and passionate Quality Engineers and Project Managers. We support our employees on a daily basis throughout their career at Quality Tracking, starting with a transparent and responsible hiring process and a focus on ensuring successful integration into our Group.


We are currently recruiting:

  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Process Engineer


Please send us your CV ( if you wish to meet with us so we can discuss your opportunities at Quality Tracking.

Are you curious to read more about the daily work of our consultants? Michel Waegenaere and Alrik Wiedemeijer give you an impression:

“As Quality Tracking consultant I am proud to have my current position as resident Quality Engineer and advisor at Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe in the Netherlands. As my skillset and automotive drive is mainly based on my achievements in Toyota Motor Europe it is with great satisfaction that I can really transfer and use my knowledge and vision to support this company’s big goals they have set for their future.

Quality should always be seen as a challenge to improve, moreover in my position acting as a bridge between Production Engineering and Quality Assurance. I have the strong will and obligation to help to translate the external customer voice and their requirements into the actual processes, products and services. This to obtain more “first time right”  in each planned and executed solution and to initiate and further prolong a proud feeling amongst all the members we work with.


Being one of lead consultants at Quality Tracking it is of the upmost importance that we not only inject and support with our personal expertise, moreover in parallel we always see it as a great offered opportunity to engage other members to reach ‘Customer First’ philosophy at all levels.


In January 2018, this Quality Tracking’s success factor became even more clear and transparent throughout the top management after which my team was rewarded as Quality Team of the month. This is indeed a big reward for our main drive for achieving excellence towards our direct customers whilst always engaging to achieve strong business success towards theirs.”

“The project I am currently supporting is a unique one, since the team is building a Quality Management System almost from scratch. Koneksie is a start-up company located in Amsterdam where a lot of technical and management knowhow is present with a pool of young enthusiastic employees, who have a drive for continuous improvement. Their product, a motorcycle, has been specifically developed, in house, for African countries. At this moment the first motorcycles are put on the market in Kenya. The unique selling construction of Koneksie creates job opportunities and better future for local inhabitants.

In order to keep growing, Koneksie approached Quality Tracking to implement Quality Assurance within their company. My responsibility as Quality Tracking consultant is to develop a Quality Assurance system with the creation of a Quality Department as an end result.


The internal knowledge on developing a new product and putting it on the market has resulted in a development and data system which can be utilised to set up the fundaments of a good Quality Assurance system. The next step will be expanding this database in a structured way.


This gives me a chance to put my skills with problem solving and quality mindset to good use, while supporting a company to build and grow.”