Alrik Wiedemeijer, one of our quality engineer gives you in inside in his daily work


“The project I am currently supporting is a unique one, since the team is building a Quality Management System almost from scratch. Koneksie is a start-up company located in Amsterdam where a lot of technical and management knowhow is present with a pool of young enthusiastic employees, who have a drive for continuous improvement. Their product, a motorcycle, has been specifically developed, in house, for African countries. At this moment the first motorcycles are put on the market in Kenya. The unique selling construction of Koneksie creates job opportunities and better future for local inhabitants.

In order to keep growing, Koneksie approached Quality Tracking to implement Quality Assurance within their company. My responsibility as Quality Tracking consultant is to develop a Quality Assurance system with the creation of a Quality Department as an end result.

The internal knowledge on developing a new product and putting it on the market has resulted in a development and data system which can be utilised to set up the fundaments of a good Quality Assurance system. The next step will be expanding this database in a structured way.

This gives me a chance to put my skills with problem solving and quality mindset to good use, while supporting a company to build and grow.”

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